Parallels: Kimetsu no Yaiba & Coding

Call it a marriage of interests.

A person holding a katana.
Photo by Krys Amon on Unsplash

It was a long commute and I was reeling from finishing Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) and thought that the coding experience can be explained with the show’s “water breathing techniques” (a combat style in the show) levels.

1st Form: Water Surface Slash hello world”, it begins with the shallow cuts — the basic functions, algorithms, the basic satisfaction of getting things to run

2nd Form: Water Wheel → the thrill in the realisation that code is a maker’s medium, that code implement ideas

3rd Form: Flowing Dance → the flow when it’s just head empty, things just works, this is when it starts getting really enjoyable

4th Form: Striking Tide → the wall of red text, the bugs that just don’t make sense and don’t seem to go away

5th Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought → when a persistent bug is solved and you close all the tabs, it feels like salvation

6th Form: Whirlpool → a full fledged development project or doing development as a job and it’s just, a lot, it’s all happening, it’s all spinning

7th Form: Piercing Rain Drop → when absolutely nothing works, and everything breaks, but only at the most inconvenient moments

8th Form: Waterfall Basin → “in solving your previous exception, another exception occurred”; “max recursive stack reached”

9th Form: Splashing Water Flow → settling into a workflow and having tools that work for you, coding is starting to be less of a hassle, the common tasks no longer take up as much time

10th Form: Constant Flux → realising that there’s a lot more to code than actually writing the thing and that most of the time it’s not even about coding — it’s the knowledge accumulation that gets pretty addictive

11th Form: Dead Calm → the pinnacle of an (my) ideal coder’s temperament, it is either the “whatever happens happens” or the “I know I can fix this in time” —

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