An attempt at applying topic modelling to understand BTS’s lyrics.

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1. Introductions

  • A septet that debuted in 2010 under Big Hit Entertainment
  • The best-selling artist in South Korean history
  • 43rd in the Forbes Celebrity 100 (2019) as one of the world’s top-earning celebrities

2. Motivation

  • Extension of a side project to collect data on BTS songs
  • Desire to attempt a text analysis project that did not involve the usual, more commonly explored…

Social network analysis in python, applied to Genshin Impact.

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0. What and Why — Context and Purpose

It’s a video, in a single graphic.

Generating a graphic from video frames, image by author

Making Barcodes

Approach 1: Just CSS — `prefers-color-scheme’

/* file: style.css *//* default: light theme colours */
:root {
--bg-colour: #fafafa; /* white */
--font-colour: #212529; /* dark grey*/
--primary-colour: #2196f3; /* blue */
--link-colour: #2962ff; /* blue */
--alt-bg-colour: #fff; /* white */

/* if system theme…

A person holding a katana.
A person holding a katana.
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What is in an Information Systems Degree

people throwing graduation hats
people throwing graduation hats
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  • “Module” is interchangeable with “class”, “course”
  • The modules in SMU are offered by different schools (which in other universities are called “faculties”)

1. Most of my time was spent in tech

Make plots more readable and easily understandable

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